PASECO provides a complete spectrum of services in the following sectors:


Environmental Management


  • Environmental Management Systems (EMAS, ISO 14000)
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Development of Environmental Policies, Strategies and Action Plans
  • Environmental Project and Program Management
  • Geographic Information Systems - GIS
  • Environmental Management Information Systems and Databases


Environmental Assessment


  • Environmental & Social Impact Assessment (ESIA studies) and Strategic Environmental & Social Assessment
  • Environmental modelling and simulation
  • Environmental Due Diligence
  • Noise Assessment, Noise Management Plans
  • Atmospheric Pollution abatement, Air Quality assessment, air quality management plans
  • Industrial pollution assessment & abatement
  • Industrial site remediation
  • Organisation and coordination of measuring campaigns (development of sampling plans, interpretation of results)
  • Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S)
  • Health Risk and Liability Assessments
  • Facility safety studies and Major accidents prevention plans (Seveso Directive)


Water Resources and Wastewater Management


  • River Basin Management Plans
  • Design of water supply systems and sewage networks
  • Groundwater and surface water management plans
  • Design of Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Design of Sludge treatment Plants and sewage networks
  • Design of Water Treatment Plants
  • Inspection of waste water systems
  • Flood protection studies
  • Stream regulation studies
  • Design of polluted water remediation
  • Supervision of works
  • Remediation of Underground & Surface Water
  • Feasibility and CBA studies


Solid Waste Management


  • Waste Characterization and Mapping of Waste Flows and Sources
  • Assessment of Waste Management Technologies and Trends
  • Waste Minimization studies and reduction/prevention of waste production
  • Solid waste collection and Transport studies
  • Waste management plans
  • Site investigations and landfill sitting
  • Design of solid waste disposal infrastructure
  • Design of Material Recycling Plants (MRF), Incineration Plants (WIP), Mechanical, Biological Treatment Plants (MBT), Composting Plants
  • Design of Landfill rehabilitation and aftercare
  • Management plans for special types of waste (sludge, hazardous waste, medical waste)
  • Design of remediation of polluted sites
  • Preparation of tender documents
  • Supervision of works
  • Feasibility and CBA studies


Environment Planning and Development


  • Urban Environmental Planning
  • Management of Protected Areas
  • Coastal Zone Management
  • Management of Biotopes
  • Urban Restructuring
  • Local Development Projects
  • Specialized Urban Planning Studies
  • Natural Environment Preservation
  • Climate Change Resilience and Adaptation


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